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TV Remote Control Repair in Adelaide

At Adelaide Telefix, we make replacing or repairing your TV remote control easy. If you have a TV remote for a particular TV brand, or even a universal TV remote that you want replaced or repaired, simply bring it into our local store or send it to us, and we will repair it for a fixed fee. If we cannot repair it, then we can replace it for you with an appropriate replacement TV remote control.

We repair and replace all brands of TV remote controls, including Samsung, LG, Sony, Sharp, Hisense, Panasonic, Teac, TCL and more.

Looking for spare parts or remote controls?

If you need to buy TV remote controls for a particular TV model, we can help. Simply contact us and let us know your TV model number and we can supply you with an appropriate TV remote for your television model, or provide replacement parts if needed.

Adelaide Telefix also makes it easy to shop online for your LG or Samsung TV remote control parts. Visit our shops below for any spare parts you might require.

For your Samsung TV remote control needs:
For your LG TV remote control needs:
For LG or Samsung remote control spare parts:

For remote controls or parts for other TV brands, contact us and we can help.

Things to try if your TV remote control isn't working

If you find that your remote control isn't working, it might be that your remote control batteries just need to be replaced. To check if your remote control batteries need to be replaced, follow these simple steps:

1. Grab your smartphone, and open its camera app.
2. In the camera app, change the camera to use the front facing camera.
3. Point your remote control at the camera and press any button on the remote control.
4. You should see a flicker of red light coming from the remote control when you look at your phone screen.

If you see no red light or a very dim red light, it might be a good idea to change your remote control's batteries.

Changing your remote control's batteries

If you need to change your TV remote control's batteries, here are some steps to help you:

1. Turn your remote control over, and remove the battery cover. Most TV remote battery covers will have an arrow with grooves in it, simply press your thumb down on the arrow and move your thumb in the direction the arrow is pointing in to slide the battery cover off.
2. You should see batteries inside. Simply take these batteries out by using the end of your finger to pull out the negative end of the battery (next to the spring). Do this for all of the batteries in the remote control.
3. Replace the old batteries with new ones. These will usually be AA batteries, or AAA batteries.
4. Put the battery cover back on, and try your remote control. Your TV remote control should now be able to be used with your television.

What to do if your remote control still isn't working

If your remote control still isn't working, even after you've changed the batteries, it's time to bring it in to the experts to have it fixed. At Adelaide Telefix, we make it easy to get your TV remote repaired or replaced. Simply bring your TV remote into our store, or send it to us, and we will repair your TV remote for a fixed fee, and if we can't repair it, then we will replace the remote.

Contact us by clicking on the button below and get your TV remote back in working condition again.

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