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OmniPro II system

The OmniPro II security and automation control system has the largest feature set of the Omni product line. It can control up to 176 security zones, 16 access control readers, 64 thermostats, lighting for up to 31 rooms, and 250 lights.

The OmniPro II is designed for large residences and small commercial areas such as offices and restaurants. It can connect to light switches, security devices, thermostats and more, and contains five built in serial ports for connecting to third party control devices. The OmniPro II is also the only Omni controller that can connect to non Leviton distributed audio systems.

It can be connected to your home network through an ethernet port, and your home automation needs (for example lights, temperature, TV volume and more) can be controlled using your tablet or smartphone.

Home Automation System

Leviton OmniPro II Automation System

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