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Home Automation Omni Controller

Omni Automation Controller

Easily automate your home or business

The brain of your automated home and business

The Omni Automation controller from Leviton controls all aspects of your automated home and business - easily control energy, security, entertainment, and more from a single controller.


Detect smoke and fire, intrusions, water, carbon monoxide, and other hazards through wireless and wired sensors. Integrate hard-wired access control, video surveillance, and third party wireless door locks.

Be notified by text, phone call or email when an event occurs like a high temperature alert in a wine cellar, or have activities reported to a central monitoring station.

Temperature and energy management

Reduce your energy costs by controlling temperature and lighting based on time of day, outdoor temperature, or occupancy. Automate many other aspects of your home or office like your electric water heaters, fountains, pool pumps, and other high-draw devices. Easily manage temperatures in greenhouses, garages, attics, basements, and wine cellars.

Distributed Audio and Home Theatre Controls

Have music from any audio source play in different rooms simultaneously. Use the touchscreen control panel to change your TV volume, or have the AV equipment automatically power down once you leave the building.

Home Automation Omni Controller

Leviton OmniPro II Automation System


Set scenes, dimming levels, and fades for your lights. Touch one button and turn on or off every light in a room or the whole house. Easily integrate your lights using Leviton's Omni-Bus lighting network, or integrate your lights with nearly a dozen other manufacturers.

Automation Controllers for all situations

The Omni LTe is an ideal choice for homes. It supports connections for thermostats, light switches, and security devices, and has five built-in serial ports that can be used to connect third party control devices for telecom, A/V, irrigation, and more. The Omni LTe supports up to 4 thermostats, 32 zones of security, 4 access control readers, and 4 rooms for lighting control (32 lights).

The Omni IIe is an economic and ideal choice for mid-range homes and small businesses. It has all of the features of the Omni LTe, and supports up to 4 thermostats, 48 zones of security, 4 access control readers, and 8 rooms for lighting control (64 lights).

The OmniPro II is the flagship automation and security control system from Leviton. It has all of the features of the Omni IIe, and supports up to 64 thermostats, 176 zones of security, 16 access control readers, and 31 rooms for lighting control (250 lights).

Control your automation on the go

Get the Snap-Link app for your Android or iOS device and control everything through your smartphone or tablet. Turn on lights, adjust temperatures, turn down the TV volume, and much more.

Home Automation Omni-Bus Lighting system

Omni-Bus lighting network

Get automation for your home or business

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