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Home Automation Lumina Controller

Lumina Automation Controller

Automate your home easily with Lumina

Quality automation

If you require the power of the Leviton Omni system, but don't need the built-in security systems - then the Lumina and Lumina Pro automation system is the right choice for you.

Lumina & Lumina Pro

The Lumina Pro automation system can control 31 rooms (256 lighting loads), 64 thermostats, and 16 access control readers, while the Lumina automation system can control 8 rooms (64 lighting loads), 4 thermostats, and 4 access control readers.

Save energy and money easily

Save energy and money by using the Lumina or Lumina Pro to automatically turn off lights, pumps, water heaters, and other devices that draw large amounts of energy when you are not present. Control the temperature and lighting based on the time of day or occupancy, to reduce your energy costs and save money.


Easily control lighting and light dimming levels, fades, and more. Set elegant lighting scenes for each room or the whole house, without needing complicated programs to do so. Use one button to turn all lights in a room or whole house on or off.

Home Automation Lumina Controller

Lumina Home Automation Controller

Temperature and Energy

Choose how you want to control temperatures, including through a schedule or an event such as alarm status, room occupancy, outdoor temperature, or more.

Load Control Modules allow for automated control of other devices, such as fountains, electric water heaters, pool pumps, and more.

Use temperature and humidity sensors to react to changes in the environment, and control temperature and humidity in garages, attics, basements, greenhouses, coolers, wine cellars, and more.

Safety and Security

Integrate with existing security devices easily. Control wireless Z-Wave and ZigBee devices to incorporate wireless door locks from several manufacturers. Incorporate Leviton's access control card readers to secure areas like pools, networking closets, wine cellars, or humidors. Integrate with IP cameras to keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world.

Many more devices can be easily integrated, allowing for a complete home automation solution.

Control your entertainment

Control your entertainment using Leviton's Hi-Fi 2 distributed audio systems, or systems from several other third party audio manufacturers.

Use the automation system to make announcements throughout the house, mute bedrooms and outdoor areas at a certain time automatically, gently increase the volume each morning for a peaceful awakening, and much more.

Control everything easily

Use the built-in OmniTouch touchscreens to control the automation system easily, or use other devices such as smartphones, tablets, and telephones.

Home Automation Omnistat2 thermostat

Leviton Omnistat2 Thermostat for temperature control

Get automation for your home

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