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Home Automation Lighting

Lighting Automation

Set elegant lighting throughout your home to enhance its beauty

Home Automation Lighting

CFL, LED and Conventional

With Leviton's Omni-Bus Lighting Network you can combine the benefits of a central lighting control system with the flexibility of a distributed lighting control system. Lighting control can enhance the enjoyment and value of your home, add security for peace of mind, and contribute to savings on your energy bill. Control up to 256 lights, shades, fans, shutters, pumps, and much more with Leviton Omni-Bus. Each product works in 110/220/240V markets unless otherwise noted. All modules are CE, FCC, UL (ETL) approved.

Home Automation Z-Wave

Leviton also works well with Z-Wave and retrofit lighting.

Home Automation Lighting Phone

Adjust individual bulbs from 0-100%.

Home Automation Lighting Omni-Bus


Guests Will Note The Ambience

Hosting a special event? Easily set lighting to emphasize points of interest such as artwork or furnishings. Limit mingling areas by lighting only rooms meant for gathering. When guests bid farewell, press one button to close your evening.

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Adelaide Telefix provides the best lighting home automation solutions. Lighting control and automation, Z-Wave lighting control, and the advanced Omnibus lighting network are amongst the many features that Adelaide Telefix provides in their lighting home automation solutions. Adelaide Telefix services a wide variety of locations, including Adelaide, Woodcroft, Ingle Farm, Craigmore and more. Adelaide Telefix can provide home automation solutions for a variety of areas, including homes and home offices, local businesses, commercial buildings, and more. Come and see us at South Road Hilton.