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Omni-Bus Distributed Control System

Omni-Bus is a distributed control system for lights, shades, fans, shutters, pumps, and more. Omni-Bus components are modular and can be placed where they are needed to save installation and wiring costs.

The Omni-Bus distributed control system can control up to 256 fans, lights, pumps, shades, and shutters.

Omni-Bus allows for a free topology architecture thanks to its low cost T connections and splitters, and features the flexibility of a distributed control system with the benefits of central lighting control.

Home Automation Lighting

Omni-Bus Distributed Control System

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Adelaide Telefix provides the best lighting home automation solutions. Lighting control and automation, Z-Wave lighting control, and the advanced Omnibus lighting network are amongst the many features that Adelaide Telefix provides in their lighting home automation solutions. Adelaide Telefix services a wide variety of locations, including Adelaide, Woodcroft, Ingle Farm, Craigmore and more. Adelaide Telefix can provide home automation solutions for a variety of areas, including homes and home offices, local businesses, commercial buildings, and more. Come and see us at South Road Hilton.