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Home Automation Interfaces

Automation Interface Options

Leviton offers many choices to monitor and control your home

Home Automation Interfaces

Easy to use interfaces control security, temperature, lighting, audio, surveillance video, irrigation, and more.

Home Automation OmniTouch 7

OmniTouch 7

The in-wall device sports a 7" capacitive touch, available in black or white. Monitor and adjust security, temperatures, lighting, audio distribution, irrigation, door locks, window coverings, pumps, fans, fountains, video surveillance and more.

Home Automation BitWise control

BitWise control

BitWise AV Controllers are designed for customizable control of sub-systems within home theatres, retail, restaurants, boardrooms, classrooms, and much more.

Home Automation Phone Access

Telephone Access

A simple phone call can provide an opportunity to check on your home's status. Out of town and want to ensure your security system is armed and the outside lights are on? Dial in and know for certain.

Home Automation Key Fob

Wireless Key Fob, Keypad, & Panic-Alert Pendant

With the push of a button, lights can activate, doors can unlock and audio can be activated. Comfortably enter your home even with a handful of groceries.

Home Automation Clipsal Switch

Clipsal Switch

Multi-button programmable wall switches which eliminate the expense of in-wall high voltage wiring to multi-way switches.

Home Automation Software

Award-Winning Automation Software

The smartest, most secure, and easiest to use software

Home Automation Software

Stand-alone apps

Available FREE from the iTunes ® store, the Home Theater Extender (HTX2) is used in conjunction with HTX2 app to control AV equipment from an iOS device. Use the provided templates or customize your iOS interface using the included software. The Free Hi-Fi 2 app remotely controls Leviton’s distributed audio systems. The user interface replicates the familiar Volume Source Control and provides mobile access to all audio sources and zones.

Home Automation Phone App


Plug the USB key into any Windows computer and directly communicate through the secure Ethernet port on your Leviton system. No on site computer is needed. Quickly adjust and check lights, temperature, webcams, security, audio, access control, and more on the go!

Snap-Link Mobile

Control your home with zero fees via iPhone ® , iPad ® , iPod Touch, Kindle Fire e-Reader or Android™ device. Set lighting levels or audio volumes from 0-100% with a sliding scale – or use quick scene buttons. Conserve energy by adjusting heating and cooling and view humidity and outdoor temperatures.

Arm or disarm the alarm, lock or unlock doors, view a security log to monitor activity. View real time surveillance footage. Snap-Link Mobile is an affordable one-time purchase. Regardless of your location or the time of day, you always have comprehensive home control from your smartphones and tablets.

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