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IP Intercoms

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2N IP Intercoms

With a 2N IP intercom system, you can know who is at your door and easily communicate with them, all from the privacy of your own home or office.

See who is at the door

The built-in HD camera in the 2N IP intercom means you will always have a crisp, clear view of the person you are talking to. Infrared night vision built in to the camera ensures that you get quality images of the person even at night.

Control directly from your Android or iOS device

2N IP intercoms are controllable directly from your Android or iOS device. Use your Android or iOS device to see who is at your door and talk to them through your smartphone or tablet.

Customised to your needs

Thanks to the modular design of the 2N IP intercoms, any combination of components can be added to them. Have intercoms with smart card readers, keypads, and many more components.

Use it anywhere you need

The 2N IP intercom system's durability makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and it works perfectly in environments that have temperatures from -40 degrees celsius to +60 degrees celsius.

Home Automation IP Intercoms

2N Helios IP Verso intercom

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Adelaide Telefix provides the best intercom home automation solutions. 2N IP intercoms, Android and iOS phone intercom control, and easily seeing who is at the door are amongst the many features that Adelaide Telefix provides in their intercom home automation solutions. Adelaide Telefix services a wide variety of locations, including Adelaide, Mount Barker, Prospect, Happy Valley and more. Adelaide Telefix can provide home automation solutions for a variety of areas, including homes and home offices, local businesses, commercial buildings, and more. Come and see us at South Road Hilton.