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Home Automation Energy Management

Energy Management Automation

Keep your home comfortable while saving money on energy use

Home Automation Energy Management

Total Energy Management

By automating temperatures, water heaters, fountains, and pumps based on time or occupancy, you can reduce energy expenditures.

The thermostat learns heating and cooling patterns for maximum efficiency and comfort. ZigBee ® wireless modules manage energy use in high wattage loads like pool pumps and electric water heaters.

Save Money in Every Area

Utilize temperature and humidity sensors for attics, garages, greenhouses, basements, wine cellars, coolers, pools, and spas.

Control Your Environment

Use a built-in touchscreen, smartphone or tablet to access temperature and humidity setpoints for dozens of thermostats at any time. Prior to arrival, turn up the heat at your mountain lodge or activate pool fountains at your beach house. Come home every night to a cozy and conveniently climate controlled environment.

Home Automation Thermostat

Leviton Omnistat2 Thermostats are available with wireless communication


Efficiency Through Automation

Did you know that 55% of a home’s energy use is spent on heating and cooling and 15% for lighting?

Automation can generate energy savings on 100% of your home. Studies show that dimming a light by just 10% can save 10% of electricity and double the life of the bulb.

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Adelaide Telefix provides the best energy management home automation solutions. Energy control and management, Omnistat2 wireless thermostats, and temperature automation are amongst the many features that Adelaide Telefix provides in their energy management home automation solutions. Adelaide Telefix services a wide variety of locations, including Adelaide, Seaton, Mawson Lakes, Salisbury, Hallett Cove and more. Adelaide Telefix can provide home automation solutions for a variety of areas, including homes and home offices, local businesses, commercial buildings, and more. Come and see us at South Road Hilton.