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Home Automation Case Studies

How home automation is used in homes and businesses

Assisted Living residents - Melbourne, Australia

Leviton's range of automation systems are used to help provide enhanced access for six assisted living apartments in Melbourne, Australia.

Using Leviton's range of systems, such as the OmniPro II, enables increased access and mobility for the residents, and provides higher levels of monitoring and service for the carers.

With Leviton's systems, residents and caregivers are able to access the complex and their apartment through their iPhone using the Snap-Link app.

Residents also have control of preconfigured "scenes", such as "Arrive Home" - the system turns the lights on, adjusts temperatures, opens doors, lifts blinds, and logs the event with the caregiver so that they know the resident has arrived home.

Home Automation Case Studies Assisted Living

Residential home - Melbourne, Australia

For this high-tech home, Leviton equipment and systems are used to integrate a wide range of services, including audio and visual, lighting, irrigation, heating and cooling, and blinds. These items are all controllable using a single app and a Leviton Touchscreen.

The home features complex automation, such as lighting scenes activating at specific times in the evening, as well as audio visual products turning on and off based on the amount of people in the room. For example, music turns on automatically when a visitor enters a room, and plays music using the Leviton Hi-Fi 2 multi room audio system.

With Leviton's extensive integration with different equipment, including Somfy blinds and 2N intercoms, every facet of the home can be controlled from a single iPhone app or the OmniTouch touchscreen, greatly simplifying automation for the owners.

Home Automation Case Studies Home

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