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Business and Office Automation

Automation for your office or business

Make your business more efficient with our automation products

Detect hazards to your business

Use our UL Listed and CP-01 compliant security and fire systems to detect hazards to your business before they cause damage. Receive an email, text, or voice notification whenever a hazard is detected (such as an intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, smoke, water, vehicle presence, and many more) by the wired or wireless sensors.

Watch over your business

Control up to 16 cameras remotely from your smartphone or tablet, to help keep an eye on your business. You can watch the cameras live, or watch the recorded video footage back later. And with the indoor/outdoor Leviton IP camera, feel safe knowing that still video frames can be sent to you through email (or uploaded to an FTP site) when motion is detected.

Control access to areas

Ensure employees can only access designated areas with the high security proximity card reader. Access to different areas of your business can be given based on specific individuals, or even specific times - great for allowing access to certain areas only at night, or for locking all of the doors after work hours. You even have control over what happens when a card is swiped - make it release the door lock, disarm an alarm, turn on lights, change the temperature, the choice is up to you!

Business and Office Automation IP Camera

Leviton indoor/outdoor IP camera for your business

Reduce energy use

Save money by reducing the amount of energy your business uses. By automating temperatures, water heaters, fountains, and pumps based on time or occupancy, you can reduce energy expenditures. Use temperature control to help make rooms comfortable to work in, no matter how hot or cold the day is.

Reduce light use

Save money by only activating lights when required. Have the lights turn on automatically when somebody is in the room, and have the lights turn off automatically after work hours or when nobody is in the room. Control up to 256 lights, shutters, shades, fans, pumps, and much more.

Control audio/visual equipment easily

Control your conference rooms and other A/V areas and avoid having to manually configure equipment. With one button you can close the curtains/shades, adjust the lights, set the room temperature for a perfect experience, lower a screen, turn on the appropriate A/V equipment, and more.

Business and Office Automation Energy Management

Leviton Omnistat2 Thermostat for temperature control

The control is in your hands

Automate your business however you want. A 7" touchscreen console allows for automation control from within your office. Mobile apps provide automation control from a smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the world. Programmable wall switches allow for automation control with the press of a button. BitWise AV controllers provide control of all A/V aspects from one interface. Wireless key fobs allow for automation control with a button press. Even a simple phone call can be used to check on the status of your automation system.

Business and Office Automation OmniTouch 7

OmniTouch 7 touchscreen automation control

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