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Home Automation Bitwise Controller

Bitwise A/V Automation Controller

Automate your audio visual setup for the best experience

Control your A/V system with Bitwise

Whether you have a home theatre, or a large corporate office with multiple conference rooms, the Bitwise A/V automation controller from Leviton can do it all. Automate your lights, motorised shades, audio, projectors, TV, and more from a single controller. The Bitwise Automation Controller removes the need for individual remotes or controls for each A/V component, and ties all of your components together into a single interface.

Automation Controllers for all situations

The small Bitwise BC4 is perfect for single room solutions, like a home theatre or single conference room. It features

The more powerful Bitwise BC2 is perfect for controlling A/V in multiple rooms. It includes all of the features of the BC4, additional ports like USB, provides customisable email notifications, and has a built in clock to allow for event scheduling based on time.

The most powerful Bitwise BC1 is perfect to control residential and commercial A/V. It includes all of the features of the BC2, and has double the ports of the BC2, which makes it perfect for large installations and buildings.

Home Theatre Automation Bitwise Controller

Home Theatre using Bitwise Controllers

Easily control A/V from your iOS device

With the free Bitwise Touch iOS app, you can control all of your A/V components from a single interface using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Touch one button and the system can close the shades, lower the screen, and turn on the appropriate A/V equipment.

And for even more control, customise the interface to your liking with the free project editor software - including full customisation of fonts, layouts, buttons, colors and macros. Change the interface to how you like, or to match your corporate branding.

Integrate with existing Leviton systems

The Bitwise Automation Controller and the Leviton Hi-Fi 2 system integrate and work right alongside each other. The Bitwise Automation Controller controls which audio source is used, and the Hi-Fi 2 system sends the audio from that source to your speakers.

The Bitwise A/V Automation Controller also integrates with the Omni Automation controller as well, so you can connect your new or existing Bitwise Automation Controller to the Omni Automation controller.

Home Automation Biwise Touch iOS

Bitwise Touch iOS app

Get automation for your A/V system

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