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Simplify your life... take control of your home

There is a home automation system for every lifestyle

Home Automation

Give your home a brain

Think of a Leviton controller as the brain of your automated home. It controls and monitors various systems to maximize safety, comfort, convenience, and energy savings. Automate your home to react based on your schedule or any event.

New or Retrofit

Leviton's smart systems may be installed in new construction or retrofitted into your existing home. Simply choose automation features based upon your individual needs and budget. With many products operating wirelessly, installation can be seamless.

Easy to Use

Leviton systems are simple to understand and operate, which is why they are Automation Simplified ® . Control your entire home or vacation home from anywhere in the world with zero fees.

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Imagine a life with less worry

Leviton security and automation systems offer peace of mind

Home Automation Peace Of Mind

Save Money and Improve Safety

Stop heating and cooling your home to the maximum while away or on vacation. Illuminate exterior lights at certain times each night and activate interior lights upon motion or door opening. Receive reminders for trash night, medication, or to feed your pets.

At a set time every night, have your home 'go to sleep' automatically. Arm the alarm, lock exterior doors, close draperies, turn off AV equipment, and adjust the thermostats. At a certain time every morning, your home can wake up with you.

Reliable Solutions

Leviton uses embedded controller technology in its home control systems, a technology proven reliable over decades of use.

Touchscreens and Apps

Check and adjust lighting, temperature, security, video surveillance audio, and more from Leviton's in-wall Touchscreens or mobile interfaces.

With Leviton software choices – including apps for iPhone ® , iPad ® and Android™ – you can make changes to your home's status from practically anywhere in the world. Leviton offers many solutions, each designed to simplify your life.

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Home Automation Peace Of Mind Phone 2

Make your home a smart home
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Adelaide Telefix provides the best and most advanced home automation solutions. Security with the Leviton OmniPro II system, camera surveillance with the Leviton IP camera, access control and keyless entry, 2N IP intercoms, Omnistat2 energy management, Omnibus lighting control, Hifi2 home entertainment audio and video, Android and iphone apps for touch control are amongst the many features that Adelaide Telefix provides in their advanced home automation solutions. Adelaide Telefix services a wide variety of locations, including Adelaide, St Clair, Lightsview, Blackwood Park and more. Adelaide Telefix can provide home automation solutions for a variety of areas, including homes and home offices, local businesses, commercial buildings, and more. Come and see us at South Road Hilton.