TV won’t turn on

Delayed Start or Clicking on and off

Many of our customers have reported experiencing delayed starts, “clicking” sounds, and eventually having their TVs stop being able to power on. This is sometimes being caused by faulty capacitors on the one of the electronic component boards inside the TV which modifies and regulates the power for the TV. These issues stretch across numerous models and brands of LCD panels and seems to be caused by capacitors failing.

The most evident symptom is a “clicking” noise after powering on the TV, which is the sound of the power supply relay cycling on and off. At first the TV clicks 1-3 times before the unit finally comes on, but over time the evident “clicking” takes longer, and then one day the unit fails to power on at all.

Most of the sets would start experiencing this after a few years of operation; however this can be easily fixed by an experienced electronics technician.

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