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Antenna Installation and Digital Upgrade

Your antenna installation is a criticial part of setting up your television. Getting a great picture and quality sound is the ideal outcome for your home theatre system, but without having the correct antenna and placing it in the right place, your video and audio quality will be less than ideal. That is why asking Telefix to install your antenna is the best idea to ensure quality reigns throughout.

Analogue signal has been deactivated in Australia, but running your television through your old analogue antenna will find the digital quality is still compromised. You have your digital set top box, or your digital television but the reception is still not perfect. This is due to the old antenna being designed for the analogue signal and not the digital signal. Telefix are experts in antenna installation for digital televisions or for your analogue television with the set top box. We ensure the antenna is positioned for optimal reception, securing it to prevent movement in storms and help maintain the digital quality we now expect.

Like anything, with time and the environment, wiring and connections can become worn, degraded or obsolete. Telefix can check your fittings, the joiners and wiring to ensure you are getting the best experience from your television and antenna installation.

In addition, we can set up that set top box so that you get the best reception possible on your television. We are also experts in wiring new homes so that you will be easily able to place a television in any room. Don't limit yourself with just one outlet in the living room; you never know just where you might want a television in the future so get your home wired by Telefix's expert technicians for the best result.

Telefix offers a wide range of solutions. Digital TV and Analogue TV antenna & aerial installations, Digital Set Top Boxes (STBs) & additional television points along with Home Theatre installations.

Whether it’s new, old, residential or commercial, multi or single story, we can provide assistance for both the design, installation and repair of all types of Digital Antenna Systems.



Our primary service is service and we take pride in it.  Having experienced installers, you can have peace of mind that your new Antenna will have been properly and safely installed.


At Telefix we are committed to helping our customers take advantage of today's digital TV technology. Take advantage of our professional antenna installation service, along with the unparalleled service and support that Adelaide Telefix provides.

Commercial Sites

Adelaide Telefix can supply and install commercial antenna and TV distribution systems.

TV Aerial services we offer

Aerial installation and upgrading

Our team at Adelaide Telefix can install new TV aerials or upgrade your existing TV aerials to give you the best quality image on your TV.

Aerial indoor connection point installation

Adelaide Telefix can install and connect new or additional aerial indoor connection points for your TV setup. We will set up and place them in the best areas of your home to ensure you have the most optimal reception for your TV.

Aerial cable installation and repair

The expert technicians we have at Adelaide Telefix can provide TV aerial cable installation and repair. We can install new cabling for your outdoor TV aerial, or repair existing cabling that you may have so that it gives you the best quality reception for your TV.

Digital TV Aerial installation

If you want a new digital TV aerial installed, contact Adelaide Telefix. We can install a new aerial for you, or upgrade your existing aerial to a new digital TV aerial.

TV Antenna services we offer

Antenna installation and upgrading

We provide TV antenna installation services and upgrade services. Our team can install new antennas for your home, or upgrade your existing TV antenna so that you get the best TV reception.

Digital TV Antenna installation

Get your new digital TV antenna installed by the experts at Adelaide Telefix. Our technicians can install a new digital TV antenna, or upgrade any existing antennas.

Antenna cable installation and repair

We are experts at TV antenna cable installation and repair. We can install cabling for your TV antenna, or repair existing antenna cabling so that you get the highest quality reception for your television.

Outdoor TV antenna installation

When it comes to installing outdoor TV antennas, Adelaide Telefix has you covered. We can install new antennas, or upgrade your existing outdoor antenna setup to help you get the best reception.

Antenna indoor connection point installation

Our technicians provide installation of antenna points for your indoor area, and we can also set up multiple indoor antenna connection points around your home.

TV Antenna Booster installation

If you're finding that your TV's signal quality is not the best it can be, our technicians at Adelaide Telefix can set up and install antenna boosters for you to ensure that you get the best signal quality for your TV.

Outdoor Digital TV antenna installation

Adelaide Telefix can install outdoor digital TV antennas, or upgrade your analog antenna to a new digital antenna so you get high quality image and sound.

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Antenna and Aerial Installation and Digital Upgrade
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Antenna services we offer

Aerial services we offer

Telefix in Adelaide provides Antenna Installation, Antenna Fixes, Antenna Upgrades, Antenna Service and Antenna Repairs throughout the Adelaide metro area. We provide installations and upgrades for Antennas, Aerials, Indoor Connection Points, Aerial Cables, Digital TV Aerials, Antenna Cables, Outdoor TV Antennas, TV Antenna Boosters, and more.

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